How Can I Make My Thighs Thicker Without Exercise

How Can I Make My Thighs Thicker Without Exercise

People get ideal shapes and appearances through cosmetic procedures such as fat transfer or natural ways such as running. Ladies always have a thing for thicker thighs, and most of them detest exercising as the most straightforward and natural way to gain thicker mass.

There are many reasons why some don’t fancy working out, which is acceptable, but there are other alternatives to help them have thicker legs and thighs.

However, exercising is the ideal means to get strong and thicker leg muscles for the long haul. Whenever they are safe and secure ways to help you attain this goal, you need check it out. Below are a few tips to help you acquire great and thicker thighs without working out.

Eat more food.

People who are on a diet face a huge challenge trying to acquire huge leg muscle mass. At times the simplest solution to help you acquire desirable results is eating more healthy food that concentrates on muscle building.

Work out

Food taken in the right amount helps your body grow stronger and thicker muscles. However, it should not give you the green light to eat crazy amounts of food since you’ll start accumulating fat which is deposited under the skin and other organs. Consume controlled amounts of calories ad wait for the change, which will gradually show. Consume three meals a day that are high-quality foods that will help you gain healthy weight which is distributed to the legs.

Avoid skinny pants.

The skinny pants and jeans are designed to make the shape of any part of the body pop up. It can also be a way of training your body to take a particular shape which may hinder your leg muscles from getting bigger.

An alternative option would be getting pants or jeans with whiskering around the knee and thigh areas. This format helps create an illusion that your leg line is much bigger, which is the goal after all.

Focus less on cardio.


It may be sad for most ladies who are used to cardio exercises to do away with them. Achieving the ideal shape and size will require time off from cardio activities such as swimming, extensive walking, running among many others. The role of these exercises is to ensure the energy storage is limited, which leaves less room for high-intensity muscle building. If you can’t do without the cardio concentrate on exercises that will help build your legs and thighs such as cycling and hiking

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Making Possible a Zero Waste Coffee Shop

The United States does have a lot of coffee shops to offer permanent residents in this country and also visiting tourists and travelers. It is hard to find a city or even a town that does not offer a coffee shop where you can simply unwind and enjoy a day of relaxation. However, what is hard to find is a coffee shop that offers zero waste.

You heard that right. ZERO WASTE.

Seems impossible right? But in the heart of Tulsa, you can find that in the Lost Weekend. Still cannot believe this can happen? Then let us tell you more about it.

aroma-aromatic-art | Making Possible a Zero Waste Coffee Shop | Lost Weekend
This coffee shop incorporates a zero waste philosophy. This is a practice where all discarded materials are not put into waste. Instead, we recycle it and reuse it so that we won’t anymore contribute to trash that just piles up in landfills. By doing this, we can contribute to the conservation of our natural resources as we reduce the pollutants in our surroundings. Many people always claim that this is not possible; That we have already become highly dependent on commercial commodities that make such conservation impossible. We say not. We are the first to attest that it is not easy. But through hard work and constant effort, this is not really impossible. Yes, it took us years to make it happen but now, we have been successful. We want to share it to the world as we give them a good place to relax and unwind whenever they feel like it. We admit that we could have more customers otherwise, but we are decided in pursuing our advocacy so we can help the succeeding generations to come.

beverage-cafe-caffeine | Making Possible a Zero Waste Coffee Shop | Lost Weekend
At Lost Weekend we are not simply environmental-friendly. We also offer her delicious pastries, pasta dishes, and of course varieties of coffees, teas, and other drink options. All of them are locally sourced and the ingredients are organic. We make them from scratch to ensure the nutrients our customers will get. More than that, we are in partnership with many different local businesses to give you no less than fresh dishes. Our menu here differs on a weekly basis. This is dependent on the availability of ingredients from our suppliers so we can assure you that the last thing you would feel is sick on the same old menu every single time. We offer you a variety and one dish is never less than the other. So, driving out of your garage door in Tulsa is really worth it.

Do you have a food allergy? How about a strict food restriction? Then we can personalize your food for you. You can advise our wait staff upon arrival at our shop or you can call ahead of time so we can prepare your food in no time. Whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan, or a person with allergic reactions to food, we got you covered. We guarantee your enjoyment when you decide to visit our store today.