Best online resume service

Today, online resume writing services have become very popular among newcomers and professional job seekers. Such companies work in two directions: they sell access to their database of ready-made resume templates that can be customized, and they also offer services for writing a unique resume from scratch. Which option suits you best depends on your skills in working with services and visual editors.

In this article, we will not name the only best resume writing service because you can find dozens of good ones on the Internet. We are going to take a look at the factors that affect the quality of a resume writing service. This knowledge will help you to be more conscious in choosing a company to which you will entrust the creation of your CV. 

Let’s list the factors you should pay attention to when choosing the best online resume service.


Ask your friends about resume writing services. They may have used one and can advise you on the best ones. If your friends can not help you with this problem, check the reviews on specialized forums, but not on the company’s website. Think critically and do not trust every review, because they may be fake ones.

It is also worth paying attention to websites that are higher than others in the search engine results. This means that the sites themselves are very popular, and their company invests money in their marketing.


Also, pay attention to the design and functionality of the company’s website. If the site is one-page, with poor design and lots of bugs, it’s not worth giving them your money. A reputable company should create a great website, which would be enjoyed by visitors.

Also, if the site has the option to edit documents that means it has a complex and expensive programming code, which also indicates the quality of the company. Such services must have experienced professionals and good products.


The most important point when choosing a service for creating a resume is the uniqueness of the documents. Do you want to have the same resume as a hundred other applicants? Certainly not, so you should ask the managers of the company if they create unique templates for their clients.

It’s better when a company sells services rather than access their database of templates. That way you are sure to get a unique and original resume. Of course, such services will cost much more. But you have to pay for quality resumes because it will increase your chances of getting a higher salary in the future.


Also, pay attention to the information about the team of the service. If they are full-time writers and designers then the quality of the product will be much higher. If the template is created by freelancers, the quality can be much worse. 


It is very difficult to check the quality of service before you purchase something, but still, there are some options. Sometimes you can find sample resumes and other documents on the company’s website. This may be enough to form an impression of the company and the quality of service. You can also search for publicly available information about the company and its achievements.

Of course, after receiving a resume it is worth double-checking it several times for errors. Yes, even professionals make mistakes, and there is nothing special about that. But this way you can save yourself from future troubles.

Finally, don’t forget to write a review about the company you chose to create your resume. It is preferable to leave a review on individual sites and independent platforms like Google, where the company representatives will not be able to remove the comment. Each review can help thousands of other people to choose the right and quality resume writing service.