Try your luck at European Roulette at Red Dog Casino

At the moment, European roulette is considered the most popular version of the game in online casinos. Try your luck in this game for money with the withdrawal wants every visitor to the Red Dog gambling club. The fact that it is very easy to win, and the rules can even sort out a newcomer. You can do this on the website

Choosing a solution in the virtual casino, you should pay attention to the quality of the elaborate interface. Creators fully simulate the real roulette table and try to stick to all the features in the design. Along with this, user is waiting even more pleasant music. European Roulette found popularity in the virtual clubs also because of the high percentage of returns.

Features of European Roulette

Before you start playing roulette for real money is to understand the features of the classic European Roulette, so then there were no problems in the process of using the gaming machine. First of all, it should be noted that this version has 36 digits and one sector ZERO. As for other features, it can be noted:

  • Bets can be placed in the range from 0.5 to 50 credits. Accordingly, it is easy to develop tactics where any amount of money can be used;
  • A player can win 500 credits at a time. In fact, this is one of the highest rates in casino games;
  • It is possible to bet on different colors. In this case, bets are on red, black and separately on the “zero”;
  • There are bets on odd and even. You can select both a few numbers of a certain type, and to cover all the even or odd sectors on the table.

The intuitive interface allows you to quickly get to grips with the gameplay. The whole screen is a gaming machine table with sectors, and at the top of it is a wheel. At the bottom of the screen, there are buttons to control bets. In some versions of interactive chips and does lie on the table, and you can drag and drop them, if you play on a PC or with a finger, if it is a mobile version.

Rules of the game in European Roulette

If players previously did not have to deal with European Roulette, it is worth briefly walk through the rules. In fact, each deal here is as follows:

  • Players make bets. First of all, everyone chooses a chip of suitable denomination and puts them on specific cells. This can be a single number, several numbers, or special types of sectors. What to bet the player always decides for himself, and he has no restrictions in this regard;
  • The dealer spins the wheel. After betting, the dealer starts spinning the roulette wheel. Then the ball is thrown on it and after the wheel stops, it becomes clear which combination is winning;
  • Risk Factor. The basic essence of the roulette wheel is that the more sectors the player covers, the less he risks his money. At the same time and he wins less in this situation. Getting as much money as possible is possible only in case if the bets are made on the minimum number of cells on the table, and they turn out to be winning;
  • Repetition of bets. After the ball indicates a winning combination, the game cycle goes to betting again, and this repeats until the user gets bored.


European Roulette, as well as its closest cousins, American and French Roulette, are very popular and loved at Red Dog Casino. Of course, previously the player had to go to a real casino to play this variant of the game, but all that has changed. Today, just go to Red Dog online casino, and European Roulette is at your service!