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    The average length of the respondents’ commitment ended up being months (SD = )

    The average length of the respondents’ commitment ended up being months (SD = )


    The sum of the test contained 532 Hungarian players (380 feminine), elderly between 16 and 69 age (M = , SD = 6.94). Participants comprise employed by uploading an online review link on Twitter. One of them, we decided a subsample (N = 292 (230 women) starting between 16 and 69 years-old (M = , SD = 6.62) who, using the paid survey, comprise currently in a relationship. In order to assess commitment position, respondents of paid survey replied the subsequent concern: a€?Are you presently dating with a romantic spouse and/or surviving in a relationship?a€? by choosing the preceding opportunities: a€?Noa€? (N = 181, 34.7per cent), a€?Rather noa€? (letter = 23, 4.3%), a€?Rather yesa€? (N = 31, 5.8%), a€?Yesa€? (letter = 292, 55.1per cent). We only reviewed the data of the people that answered a€?Yesa€? to this concern. Within subsample 66 (22.6%) participants shown nothing in their partnership updates, 8 (2.7percent) showed a€?Single,a€? 179 (61.3%) exhibited a€?In a relationship,a€? 12 (4.1%) exhibited a€?Engaged,a€? and 27 respondents (9.2per cent) demonstrated a€?Married.a€? In the regression research, respondents of the group are the ones exactly who shown a relationship reputation on fb, by announcing either a€?In a relationshipa€? or a€?Engageda€? or a€?Married.a€? There have been no gender variations with regards to proportions of shared union statuses. Nine participants (3.6per cent) had an elementary college level, 13 (17.4percent) got a vocational college amount, 150 (59.3percent) had a high-school degree, and 81 (32%) got an increased education degree. Included in this just seven participants’ partner has never have a Facebook profile.

    Data-gathering and Actions

    The dataset got gathered by a Facebook software predicated on Kosinski and Stillwell’s myPersonality software (Kosinski and Rust, 2011; Kosinski and Stillwell, 2012).