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    2. Consider exploring acts that create a similar sensation to rimming

    2. Consider exploring acts that create a similar sensation to rimming

    But if that’s not your style or comfort level, she suggests saying something a bit less, well, blunt. Try: “Oh, my friend was talking about this experience, and she really enjoyed it. It’s something I might like to pursue.” Or: “I saw an article about rimming. What do you think about trying it?” (I mean, it’s the truth. )

    If you’re worried about being shot down (totally normal fear!), Kort recommends sharing that fear with your partner and asking them to withhold judgment until after you explain exactly why you’re interested in trying something new.

    “I never support a conversation stopping just because one person says that they don’t want to do it,” he explains. Instead, he suggests coming up with a mutually-desirable solution together. You might ask your partner, “How are we going to negotiate this in a way that respects both of our boundaries?”

    You can ask them to explain W-H-Y they are not interested. For instance, “I respect your no, but if you’re open to it, I’d love to hear why you’re so against giving it a try.” Or, “Are you comfortable if I ask a follow-up question or two about why?”

    For whatever reason, they may not have interest in oral-anal sex

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    Because anal play of any kind isn’t really taught in sex ed., it’s common for people to be afraid of the unknown, or to have misconceptions about anal play being “dirty” or “painful.” (FTR: Anal sex shouldn’t be painful.)