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    You like to stage nice surprises when it comes down to object of passion

    You like to stage nice surprises when it comes down to object of passion

    When you yourself have Venus in Leo inside delivery information, when you are into a€?flirt modea€? you have a tendency to a€?act to attracta€? in some for the following approaches:

    Dramatic. You seems somewhat flamboyant; work with style; and also you generate grand motions. (atica€? is actually a significantly better keyword.) Whenever contemplating people, you might find yourself instinctively throwing or teasing hair, that can easily be a genuine attention-getter.

    Enchanting. You send blooms or candy or wine or roving performers, or estimate poetry. Cyrano de Bergerac have a huge nose but, like Roxanne, you like his style.

    Regal. You have got an aristocratic air and a noble having; and often manage a€?gloriousa€?. You’ll behave haughty or hard-to-please. You anticipate are respected, and will respond worth respect with one you would like.

    Generous. You give gifts and freely distribute favours and treats. You are likely to behave Fontana escort generous or benevolent with those your prefer. An individual flower isn’t your look a€“ three dozen can it better.

    Hot. Your behave affectionate and friendly; and make your admirer experience worthy of your attention. Touching and stroking are a tell-tale which shows interest from Leo the Lion. (Licking and pawing should always be stifled until such time you are sure it will likely be appreciated.)

    Venus in Leo needs getting treated like royalty crazy and intercourse, however furthermore can manage your enchanting lover like the King or Queen of one’s castle inturn

    Entertaining. Your showcase some type of skill or artistic style; and search interest, applause, and understanding for your show.