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    Arrival at Venus Islands [ ]

    Arrival at Venus Islands [ ]

    Sometime later on, Honoka won other vacation award as to what is actually allegedly some other looking raffle she took part in when providing their grandmother together groceries. She up coming pondered abreast of their chance before carefully deciding she you’ll since well enjoy her a vacation to brand new maximum, yet not rather than impact a bit guilty in order to have fun. She at some point met the master of new area just after any sort of accident on board an expansive orca towards coastline, in the event the manager aided retrieve the lady bathing https://datingmentor.org/tr/localmilfselfies-inceleme/ suit. She up coming became his lover in terms of helping on the regional Venus Festival in an effort to pay him, pointing out you to she’s had previous knowledge of one another manning eating stands also installing celebrations (the second on account of local Japanese festivals).

    Looks [ ]

    By way of the lady condition while the a beneficial Japanese schoolgirl, the girl standard dress includes a school uniform including a blazer, including good glove that has an effective winking head and you will crossbones image on the rear of your own hand.

    She’s got light red vision, exactly like this lady half-aunt, and you will some tanned facial skin, and neck size salmon pink tresses that is fastened to the a half ponytail towards leftover top playing with a ball having an identical winking head and you can crossbones theme once the the girl glove, or some type thereof, save yourself certainly DLC costumes such Last Getaway and you will The Challengers clothes, which use a flower as an alternative.