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    What’s the difference between a mash tun and a lauter tun?

    What’s the difference between a mash tun and a lauter tun?

    This is certainly desirable since you really do not need any whole grain materials to get into their boil as grain basically warmed up about 170A°F (77A°C) will discharge tannins into the wort and change the overall flavor.

    The incorrect base can also be a godsend when considering the next stage in all-grain brewing, lautering (like sparging). If you aren’t knowledgeable about these words then discover my personal complete post on lautering and exactly why it is very important for all-grain brewing.

    Wort Range

    If you have only begun making or perhaps you become leaving store-bought removal packages it really is most likely you are still using a regular stockpot to suit your hot preparing.

    The disadvantage of cooperating with containers in this way is you need by hand afin de on water and wort from container to bin. It is not only heavy-lifting, but there’s also always the additional threat of obtaining scolded by hot liquid or bad, spilling precious wort within the home floor!

    A mash tun eliminates all of this services and hazard as it features a built-in spigot where you can effortlessly strain off your own mashed wort in the brew kettle or any other bin.