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    Perhaps one of the most common and regular dating of the comics are anywhere between Rick and Andrea

    Perhaps one of the most common and regular dating of the comics are anywhere between Rick and Andrea

    Like any suggests and you will clips considering approach resource material, it show remains genuine towards the comics in many ways, but in someone else, it veers out-of by itself, novel highway – especially when you are considering love. Why don’t we take a look at a list of ten people out-of the fresh new comical series that don’t occur from the television show.

    ten Rick Andrea

    The latest couple’s partnership begins with surprise kiss. With destroyed a lot of people near to him, Rick was initially reluctant, nevertheless the solid feelings among them win over his anxiety.

    He is within the a relationship for a long period, having Andrea acting as a father or mother-figure to Carl, up to Andrea is tragically bitten by a beneficial walker. She succumbs reduced into the wound when you’re less than Rick’s observant eyes. Rick are devastated by the losings, and you may rests beside their grave immediately following the lady death.

    9 Carol Tyreese

    Regarding the course of the latest tell you, Carol is continuing to grow off a frightened, mistreated homemaker, to a powerful, determined survivor, however, whom she is about tv series may be very more away from their character from the comics. She is mentally poor and you may insecure, and you can anxiously has to lean towards anybody else getting help three day rule ne demek.

    Tyreese is the fact support system on her behalf. He protects the woman actually and you may emotionally, up until she finds out that he’s cheat on her behalf. Heartbroken and already volatile, Carol passes away by the suicide whenever she purposely feeds by herself to help you an excellent walker.

    8 Tyreese Michonne

    Tyreese may serve as Carol’s guardian, spouse, and shoulder so you can shout on the, but it is good draining occupations, in which he does not have any that seek out having support himself, due to Carol’s emotional instability.