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Ford Cougar (1998 – 2002) car remark

Ford Cougar (1998 – 2002) car remark


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Ford experienced trouble getting over the newest Capri. Brand new Probe never ever handled they, but the Cougar ends up it can be more productive. They draws a different buyers; more mature, a lot more affluent and often ladies.

Rather than the latest Capri, you’d never pretend this new Cougar try “the vehicle you might constantly promised oneself”. Even with the challenging the newest-border styling, it is really not the type of coupe one to transforms brains or have young kids inquiring what it is going to perform. Zero, the fresh Cougar will point in itself out-of one photo. In addition it looks so you’re able to disassociate in itself regarding unfortuitously titled Probe, an automobile whoever dependability are murdered in the united kingdom making use of their control because of the Gareth Cheeseman, a ridiculous place of work insect starred of the comedian Steve Coogan. The brand new Cougar was a far various other proposition.

Introduced in the summertime out-of 1998, the fresh Cougar are said from the Dennis Hopper inside the good tribute to help you the movie Simple Rider Understand the logic trailing the newest ad and you will discover Ford’s target market. It is geared towards people that want to alive a tiny bit piece dangerously, to relive its childhood whilst the still keeping an element of practicality. Ford’s studies have including discovered that the vast majority away from Probe people is actually female. Such to possess Dennis Hopper.


If Cougar was launched when you look at the Oct 1998 they carried on Ford’s This new-Line lookup seen before in the Ka plus in the main focus and that immediately preceded the newest Cougar launch. The design are so much more high, yet even more mature as compared to blandly inoffensive Probe one preceded it, and you will are confronted with hushed acceptance.

It had been added to a few system options, both.0 16v four-tube unit and you will a two.5-litre V6 towards variety-topping model. Each other cars was indeed competitively charged when compared to the immediate rivals, including Alfa Romeo’s GTV and you may Toyota’s Celica.

Despite their proficiency, the brand new Cougar is never ever sold as an alternative to more using coupes for instance the Fiat Coupe Turbo or perhaps to most other vibrant possibilities in that rate ring like the Subaru Impreza Turbo. Zero, this new Cougar try a beneficial cruiser, and you will a great one to at that. It absolutely was eventually deserted when you look at the Spring 2001.

What to Discover

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Getting according to the Mondeo, you wouldn’t assume the latest Cougar to own a litany of flaws. The superb motors is actually an image of reliability and more than Cougars won’t have started hammered the way a beneficial utilized Fiat Coupe may was indeed.

Try decide to try doing this new engine to check on getting a mistake having the beginning system. If the car cannot initiate the first occasion, repeat. Usually, the car initiate 2nd date in the event the beginner motor is promoting a mistake. Negotiate a reduced total of as much as ?100-?150 to own work finished. Take a look at provider guide getting a complete history and get with depend on.

Replacement for Pieces

(approx prices considering dos.5 V6) Not too many horrors right here. Expect the brand new bits distributed to Mondeos becoming low priced, additional pieces shorter very. A great clutch construction is just about ?235 while the top brake shields remain ?70. Another type of radiator wouldn’t hop out people change from ?one hundred, even though the another alternator could well be ?130. A beginner engine might possibly be up to ?two hundred, whilst the those people very headlamps will cost a pretty cent for individuals who break them – ?258 an aspect to get appropriate.

While on the move

Someone expecting this new Cougar to-be an excellent scaled right up Puma can get get into to own a slight disappointment. Most useful as an alternative to think of it as Ford’s means to fix the brand new Peugeot 406 Coupe, barely a car or truck you might wring aside during the 10-tenths using every spot. That’s not to express the fresh new Cougar is actually a great lame handler; it ensures that the latest ride/addressing compromise are biased into mellow.

The latest engines was each other good news. Regardless if one another function regarding Mondeo range, when it comes to the two.0-litre, some adjusting has taken put, basically making it become more desperate. So it is you to other individuals so you can 60 takes ten.3s on the road to 130mph. The brand new V6 at the same time, handles 8.1s and you can 140mph despite 168bhp setting featuring a significantly sportier deplete rasp. They’ve got adequate speed to save very folk delighted.


If you like this new joy off coupe control that have none out-of the pain sensation, look no further. New Cougar is a car you won’t be embarrassed to express you owned a decade down-the-line.