Georgia has quite a bit to offer its residents

Georgia has quite a bit to offer its residents

Eg, their state enjoys sensible home prices, plus rents that come in beneath the nationwide average. On the other hand, utility bills in Georgia fall within the top ten most expensive during the U.S. needless to say, their cost of living will be based in part throughout the area you determine to reside in, but there are some significant statewide fashions, too.

Housing Costs in Georgia

Based on NeighborhoodScout, lower than 17% regarding the house in Georgia has a value above $385,196. As a result it should come as no real surprise the statewide median house importance are $180,679. In Atlanta, hawaii’s largest city, the average home importance is almost $290,000, though.

House admiration costs demonstrated large growth in Georgia over the last five year specially. NeighborhoodScout facts suggests that from 2013 to 2018, house’s increasing in appreciate by 7per cent yearly. Should you decide take a look at only 2017 to 2018, the speed slides to 8.23percent.

On a state degree, Georgia’s average rents are quite a bit less expensive than with the rest of The usa. However, if you’re to rent out a-one bedroom suite in Atlanta, might spend a median lease of $1,036, relating to Apartment checklist’s 2019 document. For a two bed room suite, that number jumps to $1,197. In turn, the town was $89 over the national median for one rooms and $22 higher than both bed room average.


According to a 2017 document from U.S. stamina info government (EIA), the average month-to-month fuel statement in Georgia was $. Which is $ above the national average of $.

Georgia’s normal month-to-month electric prices put the Peach State in the exact middle of the package in accordance with its friends. The Georgia average exceeds Tennessee ($), but lower than South Carolina ($) and Alabama ($). Besides Hawaii ($), South Carolina and Alabama experience the highest fuel costs in the nation.


Prices for goods in Georgia is somewhat below the nationwide medium. The Missouri Economic data and Information Center’s 2018 cost-of-living analysis provides the cost of food in Georgia a score of 97.7, compared to the national average of 100. Index ratings on food rates inside 50 shows start around 91.4 in Mississippi to 124.2 in Hawaii.

Per Numbeo (), people will invest $ per month on delicacies in Atlanta. In Macon, that numbers shrinks to $. Either way, each of these quotes may be found in underneath the $ U.S. medium.


Georgia are a situation where driving is typical. Traffic in Atlanta metro location was infamously terrible. A 2018 learn by shows that Atlanta owners travel for on average 62 minutes per round trip. It goes on to demonstrate that should you started working at 18 years old, you had drop 484 full times to driving from inside the area.

Relating to GasBuddy (), the typical price of a gallon of gasoline in Georgia is just $2.72. That places it as the 15th cheapest price in the U.S. ensure’s data from 2019 suggests that their state has got the 11th finest average annual car insurance policies superior for the nation at $1,777. That really works out over $148 four weeks.


Georgia has actually a modern tax system. Costs are normally taken for 1per cent to 6percent, with six taxation brackets altogether. Any unmarried filer with income over $7,000 are going to pay that 6per cent speed.

For homes taxation, they are on lowest part in Georgia. The median yearly property tax repayment in Georgia is about $800 significantly less than the nationwide typical, at $1,413. Homes taxation rate change by district, with an assortment from 0.45percent to 1.66%.


There are numerous big areas getting a college education in Georgia. Rates vary commonly, however, according to whether the institution is public or exclusive. Here are a few instances:

  • Institution of Georgia (2019-2020, per session): $13,725 (in-state)/$23,568 (out-of-state)
  • Georgia Southern University (2018-2019, per semester): $9,341 (in-state)/$16,082 (out-of-state)
  • Georgia condition institution (2018-2019, per semester): $5,429 (in-state)/$14,716 (out-of-state)

Per Statista, the common admission price to see the Atlanta Falcons bring professional basketball is actually $ for 2018. If that’s too steep obtainable, you can easily get a Braves baseball video game for $. Baseball fans can see the Hawks for a typical price of $ ().

If you prefer history to activities, you can travel to the Martin Luther King, Jr. state ancient webpages free.