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Leo lives along with Luna about Tops domestic town

Leo lives along with Luna about Tops domestic town


They invest a majority of their date alone along with her as their parents are usually at work. They are knowledgeable via the internet, so they really invest a majority of their big date in to the. After, each other he and his cousin sit-in Duel Academy.

Luck Glass

Luna were able to feel Yusei as he damaged his Duel Athlete when you find yourself escaping Industry Security very she and you will Leo save your self your shortly after his Duel that have Trudge and got him on the household. Yusei planned to hop out, dreading he might put them in danger, however, Leo talks your toward a beneficial Duel. Immediately after Yusei wins, it be able to convince him to stay towards nights. About dub, Leo duels Yusei in hopes of going his thoughts straight back once the guy shed they through the their escape from Industry Defense and this spent some time working when he are thanked to possess their assist.

Leo and you may Luna wake up another day to obtain one Yusei had kept shortly after changing the Duel Disks to suit their brief arms. Leo next simply leaves with Dexter to locate and Duel the Black Rose. They eventually to get to know Yusei once more at Daimon Area, and you may soon afterwards the latest Black colored Flower seems, but makes immediately following enjoying Yusei’s Mark of Dragon, which seems to disgust this lady. Leo reveals anxiety for both the Black colored Flower therefore the Draw.

Luna try selected to participate in this new Fortune Glass, however, once the she did not feel like playing, Leo planned to disguise themselves due to the fact this lady and you can compete as an alternative, and you can Luna adding the word “Leo wears makeup!”. 24 hours later, Leo gets in brand new Chance Cup inside the disguise just like the Luna, but easily manages to lose so you’re able to Greiger immediately after an arduous-fought Duel. Using Zigzix’s Signer-discovering tech, Lazar determines you to definitely Greiger Dueled Leo in the place of Luna. For the comfort Duel in which Luna Dueled Teacher Honest, Leo is hypnotized with his brother and soon after reveals so you’re able to the girl that he had unconsciously offered themselves work of protecting her if you find yourself she covers this new Duel Beasts Heart World. He had been awakened from their hypnotic trance if the Duel ended.

At the conclusion of the first day’s the brand new Fortune Cup, it’s shown that Yusei could well be matched up facing Greiger the latest next day. While the Bolt Tanner wondered what kind of Duel Athlete Greiger had, Leo attempted to discover and went off. He snuck on Greiger’s driveway, and had frightened by the look of Greiger’s Duel Athlete, The fresh Monster. His cry triggered a security alarm, securing him about driveway, in which he slept up until Greiger returned and found your sleep.

Black Signers

At the conclusion of the latest Fortune Glass, Leo, with his aunt, learns what a Signer was. He’s concerned with Yusei passing by themselves so you’re able to Satellite shortly after what the Black Signer said.

Just after Yusei’s Duel with Kalin Kessler, Tanner and you will Tenzen Yanagi arrived at their home as they mention the current state. He is worried about whether or not Yusei got currently struggled a good Dark Signer or not. Then asks Luna if it’s correct that “Saw Dragon” battled alongside the most other Signer Dragons against the Earthbound Immortals, that she reacts so it could have. Leo instantly assumes on himself to-be the latest fifth Signer and you can proclaims he must also protect Luna too. Yanagi lso are-requires and Luna claims she merely said sure to help you cheer up Leo.

So all Signers working along with her to combat the new Dark Signers, Leo proposes that they seek assistance from Akiza. Because they accept, the guy finds out concerning the Arcadia Movement. Leo also Luna, Tanner, and Yanagi, up coming enter browse out-of Akiza. Through to reaching the Arcadia Course head office, they are ripped off of the Sayer. Leo following wakes right up chained, which can be designed to Duel Sayer since a test in order to decide when the the guy and contains almost any function, since he could be Luna’s twin brother. Leo along with finds out one Sayer plans to use their Psychic Duelists due to the fact soldiers into the a war from the globe for any discrimination they have suffered. As the Duel progresses, Sayer periods Leo yourself, to make your scream, but not Sayer informs your perhaps not shout and you can alternatively fight. Due to the fact that he has got shown his genuine objective, Leo’s every day life is on the line now, and also in buy to keep themselves, the guy have to wake up his hidden abilities. Despite their devotion just after Summoning “Saw Dragon”, new Duel leads to Sayer’s winnings. Leo upcoming falls into the flooring and you will tickets out. They are later on seen on the a bed, that have Luna viewing more than your He and you may Luna is following rescued because of the Tanner and you can Yanagi, and you will before having the ability to get-off this building all of them witnesses the fresh new Duel between Akiza and you may Misty Tredwell.