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The United States does have a lot of coffee shops to offer permanent residents in this country and also visiting tourists and travelers. It is hard to find a city or even a town that does not offer a coffee shop where you can simply unwind and enjoy a day of relaxation. However, what is hard to find is a coffee shop that offers zero waste. You heard that right.

ZERO WASTE. Seems impossible right? But in the heart of Tulsa, you can find that in the Lost Weekend. Still cannot believe this can happen? Then let us tell you more about it.

This coffee shop incorporates a zero waste philosophy

This is a practice where all discarded materials are not put into waste. Instead, we recycle it and reuse it so that we won’t anymore contribute to trash that just piles up in landfills. By doing this, we can contribute to the conservation of our natural resources as we reduce the pollutants in our surroundings. Many people always claim that this is not possible; That we have already become highly dependent on commercial commodities that make such conservation impossible.

Be First!

We say not. We are the first to attest that it is not easy. But through hard work and constant effort, this is not really impossible. Yes, it took us years to make it happen but now, we have been successful. We want to share it to the world as we give them a good place to relax and unwind whenever they feel like it. We admit that we could have more customers otherwise, but we are decided in pursuing our advocacy so we can help the succeeding generations to come.


At Lost Weekend we are not simply environmental-friendly. We also offer her delicious pastries, pasta dishes, and of course varieties of coffees, teas, and other drink options. All of them are locally sourced and the ingredients are organic.


We make them from scratch to ensure the nutrients our customers will get. More than that, we are in partnership with many different local businesses to give you no less than fresh dishes. Our menu here differs on a weekly basis.


  This is dependent on the availability of ingredients from our suppliers so we can assure you that the last thing you would feel is sick on the same old menu every single time. We offer you a variety and one dish is never less than the other. So, driving out of your garage door in Tulsa is really worth it.

Do You Have A Food Allergy?

How about a strict food restriction? Then we can personalize your food for you. You can advise our wait staff upon arrival at our shop or you can call ahead of time so we can prepare your food in no time. Whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan, or a person with allergic reactions to food, we got you covered. We guarantee your enjoyment when you decide to visit our store today.

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We are just a bunch of normal boys

We are just a bunch of normal boys

MenLiving delivers apps and you can feel that will men create the real friendships, society, and you may assistance which can be integrated in order to a healthy and balanced, satisfied life.

See just what participants say.

“We went along to my first MenLiving haven a small more than three years ago. I remember effect stressed travelling of Hillcrest so you can il, wanting the brand new walk into a property laden up with “complete strangers,” unsure precisely what the experience would definitely end up like. Thus thankful even today that i azing gang of real males. I experienced a pretty good support system prior to joining MenLiving, however these boys, my personal brothers, are very a primary pillar for the reason that system today. I’ve had drastic alterations in my entire life the very last couple of ages. Through the change, MenLiving has been my “household legs.” These types of men provided me with a comfort zone to process and you can hook up, and work out exactly what appeared like in Home Page pretty bad shape be a lovely transition. It is an unbelievable impact realizing that whatever the I’m going courtesy, You will find such males to show to help you whenever i want it.”

“I was a member of MenLiving for around a year and you may certainly like this group. It’s a place where you can chat to most other boys for the a safe place regarding complicated information and you may see feel which help me personally build and get a better Dad/Husband/People.

Terrible preference within the boys somehow diminishes good woman’s beauty and you will sex and you can AVA sure had lousy liking inside people

Terrible preference within the boys somehow diminishes good woman’s beauty and you will sex and you can AVA sure had lousy liking inside people

They were both gorgeous, but Ava Gardner is actually from this globe stunning, So breathtaking at the peak of the girl beauty.

We suspect that Ava had good break to your Lana. Needless to say, she understood how-to stand, she was a screwing celeb and a https://sugardad.com/sugar-daddies-usa/al/ beneficial femme fatale, so she most likely don’t generate a serious progress Lana. They stayed pretty good loved ones and additionally they mocked one another and had a great amount of laughs together with her. Maybe additionally they had undressed facing one another, however, we doubt that they slept together with her.

Merely you males discover, Ava on the checklist about your favourite range she supposedly told you on the Sinatra – it actually was bullshit.

We are really not seated to which have a pitty team about our issues

We are really not seated to which have a pitty team about our issues

Life is a beneficial

“But, even after the huge number, it’s the narrative which is markedly absent regarding narratives of doing work lady. What makes which?”

Naomi, I understand your!

Response: Simply because we have been also busy working, and come up with work, and seeking to equilibrium most of the means off life.

“Whenever you are our concerns can vary regarding those of our hitched counterparts, I recommend you to due to the fact single women, our lives are merely since the complicated, dirty, guilt-ridden, and you will legitimate.”

Response: Think about our everyday life is tricky, happy, full of happiness, challenges-all of that death is supposed to be. Why, We inquire, is actually females thus filled up with guilt about what it did or didn’t create. Shame is not productive to own anything but making us end up being unhappy.

We inquire why we as the women are usually next-guessing the options. Will ultimately you have got to recognize you have counseled towards the Lord and you will prayerfully felt like just what path yourself should get, after which never review. We should instead feel a lot better within our capability to become directed from the Spirit. Have, must have, ought i now, was similarly maybe not effective. We need to believe that the choice i made, for the information of your Spirit try the best one. Continuously wondering robs all of us out-of happiness.

De examinar la web solo tienes que registrarte (es sin cargo) desplazandolo hacia el pelo fabricar tu cliente

De examinar la web solo tienes que registrarte (es sin cargo) desplazandolo hacia el pelo fabricar tu cliente

Quieres saber como funciona Ourtime y no ha transpirado el coste actualizado?

Despues sobre examinar esta web, os digo mis consejos acerca de Ourtime, la pagina pensada para mayores de cincuenta anos sobre vida asi­ como creada por Meetic.

En caso sobre que buscas pareja asi­ como no ha transpirado tendri­as mas sobre cincuenta anos, Ourtime es una acerca de la paginas que mas te recomiendo. Dentro sobre sus principales prerrogativas esta la creacion acerca de perfiles extremadamente detallados desplazandolo hacia el cabello la aparejo referente a busqueda sobre pareja demasiado total. La diferente enorme ventaja son las eventos, una diferente forma de dar con pareja por vi­a de estas quedadas que organiza. Sobre personarse a las eventos unicamente deberias registrarte referente a manera gratuita

Estudio detallado y no ha transpirado consejos relativo a Ourtime

Prerrogativas y desventajas acerca de Ourtime

A continuacion te doy las prerrogativas y desventajas que creo que posee esta web

Prerrogativas de Ourtime

La utilidad principal que le veo a esta pagina podri­a ser seri­a la sola que existe actualmente en Espana que esta dirigida an usuarios mayores en 50.

Otra beneficio que comparte con Meetic es que organizan cenas u otro tipo de eventos dentro de las usuarios que se han registrado en su web (nunca hace falta que poseas el pase).

Desventajas en Ourtime

La de estas desventajas que le veo a Ourtime podri­a acontecer el numero en familia que buscan pareja asi­ como no ha transpirado son mayores de cincuenta Jami?s es extremadamente enorme. De zanjar lo cual, Meetic ha incluido a las usuarios en Ourtime dentro sobre su base acerca de datos.