Learn more about Lost Weekend by reading the most common questions asked by our customers. Just in case you have more questions for us, just email us so we can immediately address it. Our contact details can be found on our Contact Us page.

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Do you deliver?

We do not have the facility yet to deliver. We are still on the lookout for ways to do this without veering away from our advocacy to go green in every way. Rest assured that we are already working to address this in a way that it won’t weigh down to our customers. You are always welcome to try our food in our coffee shop.

Do you sell coffee beans here so I can make my coffee at home?

We do sell a variety of coffee beans here. No matter the flavor you wish to have nor your preferences, we assure you that we got you covered. You will definitely love the coffee beans that you can get in big mason jars or small baskets. But just in case you have your own containers with you, we can offer you a 10% off on the coffee beans that you will buy from us. We also grind them for free if you do not have a coffee grinder.

Do you require a reservation?

You can reserve and you can also walk in at our coffee shop. Either way is acceptable. But if you choose to reserve a seat, ensure that you can come on time. Otherwise, we’ll give you a slot to others on our list.

Do you charge additional for food requests for vegans?

We do not charge any additional fees here. As long as we have the ingredients for your requested dishes, then we can serve it to you in no time. We love to serve you.