“Lost Weekend is a highly recommended coffee shops. They sell delicious food here and of course, coffee. They come in many different flavors that you cannot find at other coffee shops. The menu also is ever-changing. Yes, I can admit that sometimes I feel disappointed that I cannot get my hands to my favorite seafood salad but their dedication to serve only fresh and delicious dishes is admirable. Anyway, since they give me a way to be more inventive with my food, I kind of accept this already. What is even better is that the dessert that they produce here is something that one should really be able to taste. They are wicked delicious and they would appeal to your taste buds even if you are without s sweet tooth. You can even request some dishes here especially salads. This has become my favorite hangout place already especially when my wife is out shopping.”

– Miguel

This place is amazing. The concept alone is outstanding and admirable. Not many restaurants can be that confident especially since such can weigh heavily on the inflow of profit. But the people behind this coffee shop really know what it is doing. I spoke with the manager once and she was very friendly. She told me that the zero waste concept really gave a negative impact at their sales at some point. But still, they stood their ground. Later on, the customers just got used to it and started coming in already. Admittedly, it is such a hassle to bring containers here for take away, but still, the advocacy is perfect. We really need to work now on helping sustain our environment for the future generations. 5-stars for this coffee shop. This is highly recommended. I promise you that you won’t regret coming here.

– Lorin

Besser stumm! Unglaublich lustige Phrasen, Männer Bett sprechen